Study Participants

Interesting Facts:

  • 11 Targets are twins.
  • 58% of Targets have participated in EVERY single wave since the study began.
  • There are 400 eligible children (the Target's oldest biological child) in the study.

In Memory: Sadly, a number of participants from all three generations of the study have died since the project began. Although we don't always learn of such losses until long afterward, please know that our hearts go out to all who experience loss and grief.

Residency: Sixty-six percent of Targets live in Iowa, and the other thirty-four percent reside in more than 30 states and 3 countries. More than 80% of parents and two-thirds of Siblings live in Iowa.

Parents preparing for retirement: In the winter of 2009-2010, we conducted a brief telephone survey with the study parents. We found:

  • Nearly 50% were still working full-time
  • 12% were self-employed
  • 12% were fully retired and not working
  • 72% were receiving a pension

In the next several months, we will post information learned from the Later Adulthood Study about Parents' employment and retirement status, as well as other areas of life.