Study Findings & Publications

Since 1989, scientists affiliated with the study have generated hundreds of journal articles, book chapters, and presentations at scientific conferences. Four books have been published by Family Transitions Project scientists.

A policy with the National Institute of Health requires all scholarly articles that are the result of NIH-funded research to be posted to a publicly-accessible site called PubMed Central. Click on the links below to view the abstracts or the full-text articles.

  • "Reciprocity in parenting of adolescents within the context of marital negativity" abstract | full-text

  • "Mother's employment demands, work-family conflict, and adolescent development" abstract | full-text

  • "Intergenerational continuity in parenting behavior: Mediating pathways and child effects" abstract | full-text

  • "Paternal depressive symptoms and adolescent functioning: The moderating effect of gender and father hostility" abstract | full-text

  • "Sibling relationships during the transition to adulthood" abstract | full-text

  • "Trajectories of conflict over raising adolescent children and marital satisfaction" abstract | full-text

  • "New approaches to studying problem behaviors: A comparison of methods for modeling longitudinal, categorical adolescent drinking data" abstract | full-text

  • "Assessment of fearless dominance and impulsive antisociality via normal personality measures: Convergent validity, criterion validity, and developmental change" abstract | full-text

  • "Predicting adolescent suicidality: Comparing across multiple reporters and methods" abstract | full-text

  • "Understanding adolescent delinquency: The role of older siblings' delinquency and popularity with peers" abstract | full-text

  • "Sibling contagion for drinking in adolescence: A micro process framework" abstract | full-text
  • "Development of mastery during adolescence: The role of family problem solving" abstract | full-text